Middle Eastern

by Pettra



UP Records Australia presents "Middle Eastern", a distinguishable yet exotic 3-Track FREE Psy-Trance EP; written by 'Pettra' aka 'Jonatan Shreiber' & co-produced by the renowned 'Shahaf Efrat' aka 'Freedom Fighters' of Israel. We bring forth another twist within our vast, diverse and unique depths of musical culture surrounding us spanning the globe. This EP takes you on an audible journey into the deserts of time, stretching across the lands of current and past age. The genius behind the project, 'Jonatan' & 'Shahaf' are giving their sound to the world in homage to the right for just and true freedom within media, with the cultural message clear in these modern times where we can make a difference across the globe with the smallest message of universal connection as a spiritual whole between any culture or distance.


released January 7, 2015

Written by: Jonatan Shreiber
Produced by: Shahaf Efrat
Mastered by: Shahaf Efrat




UP Records Australia

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